Councillors and Officers

Councillors are elected for a period of four years, the next election being in May 2015. Bye elections can occur before this date if there is a resignation.

The Council consists of 18 councillors who cover the 6 wards of Hebden Royd. See ward maps. And see below for list of councillors with the wards they represent.

The Chair of the Council is the Town Mayor, elected annually, at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council held in May each year.

The Full Council meets 16 times a year and considers environmental issues, including planning applications, and general issues.  There is also a meeting for electors known as the  Annual Town Meeting. There are three committees:  the Allotments, Environmental Renaissance and Staffing Committees. Other committees and working parties are set as required by the Council.

The Annual Town Meeting is a meeting of the electors of Hebden Royd, chaired by the Town Mayor, at which any elector can raise and vote on any issue of importance to the area.

Emma HousmanHarriet HarbidgeJason BoomRebekah Cox

The council has an office in the Council Office in the Hebden Bridge Town Hall staffed by (left to right above) Emma Green, Neighbourhood Manager; Harriet Harbidge, Administration Support Officer; Jason Boom, Town Clerk and Rebekah Cox, Administrator.

Attendance record for 2014-2015

Attendance record for 2013-2014
Attendance record for 2012-2013
Attendance record for 2011-2012
Attendance record for 2010-2011
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Register of Members Interests

Parish and Town Councillors are required by law to register, and keep up to date, certain disclosable pecuniary interests in the Parish or Town Council’s Register of Members’ Interests. This is available for public inspection by Calderdale Council at the Town Hall, Halifax during normal office hours. In addition, the registered information has to be published on Calderdale Council’s website and on the Town Council’s website. Use this page to search by either Parish/Town Council name or individual Councillor name.

Photo of Cllr Christine Bampton-Smith

Christine Bampton-Smith - Caldene Ward

After the election in May I began my 24th year as a Hebden Royd Town Councillor and am now the longest serving member. I have seen considerable changes over the years in the role played by the Council and in the personalities who have made a contribution to the community through service with the Council.

My most challenging year was 2002-2003 when I was honoured by being selected as Mayor of the Council. The rewards were enormous in meeting so many people who contribute so much of their time and efforts into improving our wonderful area.

Over the years I have also been involved in the wider Parish and Town Council movement and have represented the Council as South Pennine Branch member and Yorkshire Rural Community Council.

I am committed to bring sustainability to our area. It is vital to keep all our sevices in our Rural Area.

My family and I have lived in Hebden Royd for the last thirty years.


Photo of Cllr Leone Murty

Karl Boggis - Caldene Ward

Karl was born in Hebden Bridge moving to Mytholmroyd when he was four years old. He attended Burnley Road and Calder High School. He is perhaps best known for having run the Bridge End chip shop in Mytholmroyd and for his service to Calder Valley Youth theatre, St Michael's Amateurs and Hebden Bridge Light Opera Society. He was elected in March 2008.

"It is an honour for me to serve the communities of Hebden Royd as Mayor for the 2013 / 2014 term of office. I look forward to meeting and working with as many groups as possible and attending visits to our twinned towns on the continent."

Karl represents the Town Council on Royd Regeneration, sits on the Mytholmroyd Flood Action Group Core Committee and is a Governor at Burnley Road Academy.


LogoJune Cammack

I joined the Town Council following the May 2015 elections and represent Cragg Vale Ward. I sit on the Community Funding and Twinning Committees and represent the Town Council at meetings of the Hebden Bridge Twinning Society.

Catherine CrosslandCatherine Crosland

I was delighted and honoured to be elected on to Hebden Royd Town Council, to represent the White Lee ward. My family and I have lived in the White Lee area of Mytholmroyd for twenty years. We are privileged to live in such a beautiful area, with so much character, and where so much creativity flourishes. As a councillor, I look forward to working to make this an even better place to live."


Luke DaberLuke Daber

I became a councillor of Cragg Vale Ward in 2015 having stood unopposed with my two fellow Cragg Vale councillors. I'm a Lib Dem which means I desire a more Liberal and Democratic society, on the local level though I'll just try my best to make the valleys I love a little better than the amazing ones that they already are. I sit on the Community Funding, Picture House and Environments & Allotments committees.

I never aspired to be a councillor but when given the opportunity to try, I thought it would be a good way to get involved with my community and to give a bit back.

I have lived in the Calder Valley for 23 of my 29 years leaving only to study nursing and then gardening at Huddersfield and York respectively. I am now a gardener and a landscaper with a small business that I run with my Dad. My hobbies are reading, computer games and history.

Cllr Christine Davenport

Christine Davenport - Cragg Vale

Elected 3rd July 2009

I am Christine Davenport, the second eldest of four children. My mother was a mill worker, my father a master shoe maker. I was born in Keighley in 1961 but moved to Silsden in 1964 until moving back to Keighley in 1979. I moved to Halifax in 1991 before moving to Hebden Bridge in 1993.  I am a mother to six children and a grandmother to nine, although only my youngest daughter still lives at home, my oldest son is currently serving his 11th year with The Duke of Wellington, now The Yorkshire regiment. Since my partner’s death in 2001, I have tried to balance work and family in order to bring up my children in an honest, open manner.

I have worked in Hebden Bridge since I arrived in 1994. Firstly, as a part time shop assistant, dinner lady, classroom assistant,  Licensee of the Shoulder of Mutton in Hebden Bridge, until 2004. I now work fulltime in one of the local Charity shops where I am Deputy Manager.  I was a member of the local Hebden Bridge Carnival Committee for several years, including two as the elected Chairwoman; I have also even acted as ‘Tawny Owl’ for Hebden Bridge Brownies!

I have a love for photography; this helps me to get out and enjoy our coastal walks and waterways whatever the weather, as long as there is a nice country pub with a proper fire and down to earth folk who will share banter at the end of it! I have managed to add food/pub reviews to my hobby of walking and photography, allowing me to exercise all three hobbies in one swoop.

Through a recent photography project, I’ve developed strong links and a passion for our Yorkshire fishing industry, actively supporting a family of Whitby trawlermen and meeting with politicians from all parties to help them retain their lifestyle and industry.  I am more community minded than politically minded.

I would like you to think of me as an uncomplicated person from a normal background (educated in the University of Life!), someone who ordinary folk see as a friendly face, and can talk to and relate to in a relaxed way.  Confident and independent maybe, but that’s because I believe in common sense, plain speaking and getting things done. My journey through life has given me many situations and challenges that could only have been solved by experiencing them, as a result I prefer to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life!

My favourite quotation: “Those who have never failed at anything have never taken a risk.”


Matthew TalbotRobin Dixon

I was very pleased to be coo-opted back on to the Council and as I thought there is plenty to do. I am Chair of Strategy and Review committee and am a member of Twinning, Staffing and Neighbourhood Plan committees.

I have joined the Swimming Pool Committee as Hebden Royd's representative and report back to Council about flood issues as I am a Flood Warden for Mytholmroyd. I have great hopes for the Mytholmroyd Station car park.

The Council is very well run by our Officers and I enjoy working on the various projects with them.


John DunfordDr. John R Dunford   West End Ward

I  am a retired University lecturer who has lived in the area for over 25 years.

 I was elected to Hebden Royd Town Council as a Labour councillor to represent the West End Ward in May 2015. I am also a Parish Councillor in Heptonstall.
I am particularly concerned with Traffic management ( including speeding and an increasing number of illegal traffic movements) and parking which affect both of the areas which I represent.

I also support the work on a Joint Neighbourhood Plan. I sit on the Joint committee and feel that I am well placed to ensure that this is a truly joint enterprise for the whole of the area covered .

I am the Parish Council representative on Calderdale's Standards Committee.

I am also involved in the wider Parish and Town Council movement. I am the vice chair of the South Pennine Branch of the Yorkshire Local Councils Association (YLCA). I am currently Chair of that body and represent it at the Annual Meeting of the National Association of Local Councils.

I Chair the Patients Representation Group for the Hebden Bridge Group Practice which represents all the patients at all the surgeries within the Practice. I am the Treasurer of Hebden Bridge Walkers Action. I am Vice Chair of Governors at Colden School and sit on various committees concerned with Education at Calderdale Council.

I am also committed to listening to and acting upon any problems of all the people in my ward which lie within my remit. Where I cannot help I usually know someone who can!


James Fearon

James FearonJames was elected to council in May 2011 and sits on Community Funding, Environmental Renaissance and Picture House Committees. He enjoys challenging discussions in the chamber and encouraging fellow councillors to look at issues from a slightly different angle. Actively involved with Northlight Studios he enjoys gardening and a night out at the movies.


Pat FraserPat Fraser

I was very proud to be elected to Hebden Royd Council as a Labour Councillor to represent Fairfield Ward in May 2015.

I grew up in Manchester and I was the first member of my family to attend university where I studied Law. I have had a career as a Law lecturer in Further Education Colleges in Chester and Manchester but I have now retired from this job.

I am presently working as an Education Support Assistant with Special Needs children in Sowerby Bridge High School. This is a job I have found very rewarding and which has been instumental in further developing my listening skills and empathy towards others, attributes I think every Labour politician needs from Town Councillor to MP level!

I have recently become a member of the Community Funding and The Picture House committee and although I know I have a lot to learn I hope to carry out my duties to the Hebden Royd Town Council with enthusiasm and hopefully with growing knowledge and skill.

Lastly on a personal note I have three adult children, two sons and a daughter and four grandsons (a fifth grandson is due in October).

I am regurlarly to be found walking my dog Mr Bill along the canal towpath and I live on Oxford street so I feel very much part of the lovely Fairfield Ward. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is a matter you are concened about within the ward. I will do my best to help or at the very least to listen.


Tony HodginsTony Hodgins - White Lee Ward

I was born on Scout Bottom in Mytholmroyd, having lived here most of my life I feel I know the area and it's community extremely well.

I attended St James's School at Mytholm then Calder High and Percival Whitley College in Halifax.
My many interests include photography, music, wildlife and walking in the countryside with our dogs.  My utopia would be walking on clean and well-defined footpaths in our area.
I'm involved with Voluntary Action For Calderdale as a volunteer photographer and also Community Action For Calderdale. I also volunteer for The National Trust as a guide at Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags, which gives me knowledge of self-sustainability and an ambition for a greener environment. I would also like to be involved in forming partnerships with local community groups.
I will endeavor to carry on the excellent work done by local councilors in the past, and to make Hebden Royd a safe, clean and environmentally friendly place to live.

Elizaabeth KingElizabeth King - White Lee Ward

I'm the Green Party Councillor for White Lee Ward in Mytholmroyd where I've lived for the last three years. I love the area and can often be seen walking with my two rescue dogs.

I have worked in the NHS and education and now work part time as a freelance University teacher. This leaves enough time to spend on things that matter to me – tackling climate change, the sustainability of local communities and the protection of animals. As a Town Councillor I'd like to work with others to promote and improve Mytholmroyd. It's a lovely place for people to live and visit, but I think we can make it even better.

I'm a member of the Environment and Allotments Committee and the Neighbourhood Plan Committee.

Please contact me if you have any questions or ideas about how we can improve our area.

Jane Scullion - Fairfield Ward

Jane ScullionI was elected to Hebden Royd Town Council as a Labour councillor to represent all of the people of Fairfield Ward in May 2015.

I grew up in Scotland and lived in London, Milton Keynes and Coventry before settling in Hebden Bridge with my family twenty-five years ago.  Living right in the centre of the ward (near the Co-op) means that I am very aware of local issues from parking problems to litter on the canal towpath. Our daughter attended Central Street, Riverside and Calder High Schools but, like many young people in the Upper Valley, she moved away for work opportunities.  I previously served as a governor at Heptonstall School.

My working career started in co-operatives and charities and I then moved into local government, working for several different councils.  I now teach government and politics at university level and I really enjoy exploring and debating ideas with young people. I try to pass on my practical experience as well as my passion for the politics of everyday life, from buses and transport to local housing. I am interested in how we live together alongside each other and how we might improve our towns and villages for all our communities here in Hebden Royd.

Carol StowDr Carol Stow

I spent my working life in the NHS as a speech and language therapist. Having lived in Hebden Bridge for over 30 years and raised my children here I was delighted to be elected as a Labour councillor to represent Birchcliffe ward in 2015. I sit on the Community Funding and Environment and Allotments Committees.

Nationally there is a tendency for people to feel disengaged and remote from politicians. Locally we are a community where people from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a wide variety of ideas live together and have created a strong, vibrant community with a tradition of people speaking their minds. I want everyone to feel that they can engage with Hebden Royd Town Council. You will see me around Hebden Bridge and the wider area most days - please do feel free to ask me about any issues which you feel your town councillors should be considering.

Jonathan TimbersJonathan Timbers - West End Ward

I've lived in West End Ward for over 21 years - in fact, three generations of my family now live in the ward: my mother, Aeisha (my wife), me and my daughter, Sophie. I'm a governor of Hebden Royd School, with responsibility for special educational needs.

Previously, I was a town councillor between 1995 - 1999. In the past, I've been a teacher, redundancy counsellor (mainly in the engineering sector), solicitor, and now I'm a civil servant. In addition, I have close family ties with a number of ethical small business owners in the valley.

Over the years, I have also been heavily involved in 'Independent Labour Publications' ('the ILP'), the successor organisation to the Independent Labour Party , which founded the Labour Party and invented the concept of 'the living wage'. I am also an (unconfirmed) Christian. Sometimes I go to communion at St James's; at other times, I attend Quaker meetings on Bond St. My main interests are poetry, cricket and cooking for the family. I also enjoy reading about history, particularly local history and about the Roman and Byzantine Empire(s). Please feel free to speak to me about any local issues you feel are important. I enjoy finding out what people think and I like to help, whenever I can.


Photo of Cllr John Frederiksen

Scott Trickett - Cragg Vale Ward

Scott was brought up in the Orkney Islands, moved to Cragg Vale 17 years ago. Living in Cragg Vale he is married to Amy and together they have 4 children (Marcus 11, Emily 9 and Natalie 6, Nicholas 2).

Since his time in Cragg Vale, he has continually been involved in community activity. He was elected onto Hebden Royd Council for the Cragg Vale Ward in May 2007. Scott works hard to ensure all areas within Hebden Royd are equally represented eg Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd. Previous School Governor. Scott is a founding member and committee member of the Cragg Vale Community Association, which today is doing an extremely important role in attracting funding and helping prioritise project funding at local level to enhance all aspects within Cragg Vale Community.

Scott is Town and Parish Representative. Scott has direct influence over strategy setting for the parishes at CMBC level. He works hard to promote Hebden Royd within this area. Calder High catchment area - Historically much of Cragg Vale was in no catchment area at all. Scott successfully campaigned to ensure the catchment area included the entire parish boundary limits of Cragg Vale, Future generations of Cragg Vale children will have less problems with entry into Calder High. Traffic Speed - Throughout his time in the area Scott has continually campaigned about traffic /pedestrian safety in Cragg Vale and Mytholmroyd area. He has led a community petitions, helped achieve 30 mph and continues to campaign at both council level and Calderdale strategy level about road safety. Fly tipping - During time on HRTC Scott has continually acted against fly tipping in the area and successfully achieved significant reductions. Scott, a graduate engineer and export sales manager for local export business, speaks fluent German. During his time in the area he has helped bring significant manufacturing export business to the area. My simple goal is for a safe environment for our children to live and play in and to preserve / enhance the special characteristics of our community and area in Hebden Royd says Scott. Scott was elected to serve as Hebden Royd Mayor on 18th May 2011 for the year 2011/2012. Scott says, "This was the proudest moment of my time on Hebden Royd Council serving the communities of Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd and to say I am honoured was an understatement. I am still truly bursting with pride, in being given the opportunity to represent this 'treasure' of an area in which we live Hebden Royd.

"During my mayoral year my wife Amy and I gave it our all to represent Hebden Royd and to try make this area an even better than it already is. Scott (along with many many other people) lobbied as Mayor in support of the le Tour with particular focus on the longest hill in UK through Cragg Vale. Point of interest: Scott's father was Lord-Lieutenant of Orkney


Nigel YorkeNigel Yorke - Fairfield Ward

Nigel moved to Hebden Royd from Manchester in 1999 and works in Halifax. He served 4 years as a Councillor for Birchcliffe Ward between 2003 and 2007 and was elected to Fairfield Ward in 2011.

Nigel has two young daughters who attend Riverside School and Stubbings Infant School and he has previously served as a Parent Governor at Stubbings. Nigel is proud to work for the community of Hebden Royd and currently sits on the Allotments, Environmental Renaissance and Picture House committees.

Nigel lives in Hebden Bridge with his wife and daughters and an increasing number of pets. When he's not working he enjoys camping, walking and (though he doesn't always admit it) playing x-box.


Photo of Cllr Dave Young

Dave Young - Birchcliffe Ward

I was first elected as a Labour Councillor for Birchcliffe Ward in May 2003. I am 100% committed to the Town Council as the nearest tier of Local Government to the people. I am Leader of the ruling Labour Group on Hebden Royd Town Council.

I am chair of the Staffing Committee and Environment & Allotments Committee. I am also a member of the Strategy and Review Committee and Full Council.

I was also elected as the Labour Councillor for Calder Ward on Calderdale Council in May 2011 and re-elected in 2015 and am Vice Chair of the Communities Scrutiny Panel, Chair of the Calderdale Small Grants Panel, and a member of Calder Ward Forum and Calderdale Engagement Working Party. I am also a Director of Hebden Bridge Partnership Board.


Dave Young is also a Calderdale councillor for the Calder ward where his email is with this web page

Birchcliffe Ward Christine Angela Davenport, Carol Jane Stow, Dave Young Fairfield Ward Pat Fraser, Jane Scullion, Nigel James Yorke
Caldene Ward Christine Irene Bampton Smith, Karl Antony Boggis, Robin Dixon West End Ward John Richard Dunford, James Edward Fearon, Jonathan Charles Timbers

Cragg Vale Ward June Cammack, Luke Daber, Anthony Scott Trickett

White Lee Ward Catherine Jane Crosland, Elizabeth Jane King, Tony Hodgins


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