Floods: support messages from our twin towns

Here is a message of sympathy from the Mayor of Warstein, Dr. Thomas Schöne, and the twinning society "WEF" concerning the flood catastrophe in Hebden Royd and surrounding area. See below for message from St.Pol

We are shocked and stunned about the news of the new flood catastrophe in Northern England which brought merry and peaceful Christmas celebrations to an end so abruptly.

The unbelievable pictures of our twin town on TV and the Internet show an inconceivable dimension of devastation.

Thinking of what vivacity we experienced in these streets and how cheerful we celebrated our 30th twinning anniversary in the Town Hall of Hebden Bridge in August we feel upset - but not discouraged.

People's drive and energy to tackle mud and damage after the falling of the peak is indescribable, tremendous and admirable.

The entries in the social media are proof of an enormous wave of helpfulness and solidarity with the places concerned to give shelter to people in need and supplying them, as well as the voluntary helpers, materially.

Although we cannot help with our brooms and shovels - we people from Warstein are with you in our minds and want to support you with donations to make a contribution to the town's quickly regaining its function as living space for its inhabitants.

Seeing all your efforts, we are sure you will succeed.

Dr. Thomas Schöne, Mayor of Warstein

Birgit Wüllner,
President of the twinning society WEF (Warstein's friends of Europe)

Warstein, 28th December 2015

From Maurice Louf, Mayor of St Pol

Our hearts were filled with sadness as news reached us about the widespread flooding in your area.

We deeply regret the reach of this environmental catastrophe and the losses it has caused.

Know that we are fully with you in this time of crisis and that you have our heartfelt support.

The ASPAI and the town council of St Pol would like to show their solidarity by organizing fundraising activities.

We are more than happy and willing to send help for any urgent and immediate needs there may be.

Please let us know how we can be of further assistance.

Your truly,

Maurice Louf, Mayor of St Pol and Gérard Bocquiliion, president of the twinning society, ASPAI